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Welcome to the AUDJPY Course

This course was developed in 2011 (updated 2020) after I spent several pre and post 2008 crisis years focusing intensely on the AUDJPY pair and working with niche clients.

The fundamental environment was quite different at the time, thus the explanations on rate spreads currently do not apply to this pair. The content on rate spreads remains in the material, because the affect of rate spreads and the inter-institutional flows still applies. I will provide new updates on the current trading environment.

The price behavior of the AUDJPY pair maintains the same patterns as it did 20 years ago. The only real change is that volatility has contracted quite favorably from a risk perspective.

Important Note:

If you purchased this course as a subscription with PTC, it is very highly recommended that you go through as much PTC content as you can. Start by going through the archives marked with an asterisk* as well as the supplementary videos. The value of the content in PTC is immeasurable and will help you with your AJ studies.