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    Developing Independent Thinkers and Trading Minds that Last!

Pro Traders Club 2023

Pro Traders Club is a comprehensive resource that develops independent thinkers and successful traders.

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The Free Members Area hosts Foreign Exchange, Indices, Gold, Futures and Crypto educational videos covering basic dimensions of price behavior, market structure and psychology.

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Pro Traders Club 2023 is a service that aims to develop traders into Independent Thinkers and trading success through learning the most finite dynamics of market structure and trader psychology.

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The Most Comprehensive Price Action Teachings!
Fundamentals and Breaking Down Analysts Research!
Parallel Development on Psychology and Model!
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The Free Members Area hosts Foreign Exchange, Crypto and Futures educational videos covering basic dimensions of  price behavior, market structure and psychology.

  • Price delivery
  • Liquidity
  • Volume
  • Volatility
  • Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • and more…

Chris Lori’s
Pro Traders Club 2022

Foreign Exchange, Crypto and S&P E-mini
Ave. 3x weekly video recordings – Market reviews, teaching, live sessions, trading, trade and risk model development, Q&A and more.

  • Searchable archived recordings
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  • Trader Development Series
  • Psychology and Risk Series
  • Market Fundamentals

FX Elite Program
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An unprecedented program teaching the deep inner workings of the FX market, internalization of market structure, trader development and building your trading career as an Independent Thinker!

20 Years Institutional Experience Develop the Trader Within Become an Independent Thinker

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Foreign Exchange and Futures Education

Elevate Your Trading Independent Thinking Internalize Market Behavior

Pro Traders Club is a service that aims to develop traders into Independent Thinkers and trading success through learning the most finite dynamics of market structure and trader psychology.

Pro Traders Club Subscription Includes:

  • Average 3x weekly video recordings – Market Reviews, Technical and Fundamental Teaching Sessions, Live Trades, Trade and Risk Model development, Q&A, (periodic) Live webinar sessions, Chris shares his methods, strategies, trades, and moreover, teaches you how to become a trader.
  • *Send Chris your trading questions and he will cover it in the Q&A and PTC videos!
  • 3 Year of Searchable archived teachings. (5 years archives with 6-months PTC subscription)
  • Supplementary training section – base concepts (10+ hours)
  • Indices, Oil, Gold, Inter-market Related Assets, Yield Spreads
  • Telegram Chatroom for PTC members
Mini Courses Included with PTC:
  • Core FX Education Series
  • Psychology and Risk Series (3mo sub)
  • Market Fundamentals Series (6mo sub)
  • The Development Plan Series

Solutions that Develop the Trader Within

Chris Lori was an original adapter of Fractal Geometry in financial markets in 2001 (a tool that has taken on many deviant variations). Combining Fractal Geometry with the deepest study of price behavior and market structure make Chris’ approach to trading fully scalable be it intra-day, swing or position trading. Countless live trading examples are found in the PTC archives (and Price Action Course) to help you connect.

We explain why price moves the way it does!

Pro Traders Club hosts years of archived sessions (ave) 3x Weekly technical and fundamental education and analysis, Q&A, psychology, development guidance, live sessions, interactive live trading examples, trading strategies and much more, hosted by Chris Lori. Chris has 20 years trading foreign exchange with experience in funds management and trading through global investment banks.

A Rock-Solid Foundation to Your Trading

Drawn from his institutional experience and study of price, Chris has an immeasurable understanding of institutional order flow, price delivery, price relationships and market structure.

Make Your Trading Your Own

You are shown exactly how the tools, methods and strategies are applied, along with very specific explanation of the (why price moves as it does) details behind price behaviors and trades.  The real value and focus of PTC is to help you internalize the deeper elements of market structure and price behavior to develop you into an independent thinker and your own trader. The goal is to marry your unique psychological profile (You) to that of market behavior to you find your ultimate niche in the market. Your confidence will escalate, and your trading will become your own!

Pro Traders Club© is not a “copy me system”. The goal is to Develop the Trader Within.

Pro Traders Club Products and Services

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Pro Traders Club

An essential platform to help you develop the trader within for long term success.
Unparalleled learning on price behavior,
the spectrum of market dynamics and trader psychology.

FX Elite Program

FX Elite Program includes all the Pro Traders Club resources and Courses in one program to help make becoming a professional trader possible.

Free Videos

The Free Members Area is place to acquire a very basic understanding of market behavior and other dimensions of trading.

Price Action Course

Price Action Course – The most structured, in depth and intensive material on Price Action, anywhere.
This Course will completely change how you see price!

The Best of PTC

The “Best of Pro Traders Club” contains all the prime PTC intensive teachings and live trading recordings. The content is separated into specific categories for easy reference.

6 Years PTC Archive

Contains every Pro Traders Club recording from the past 6 years!