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Questions to PTC are one of the best resources to engage in highly comprehensive dialog on market structure, price, psychology and much more.

How to ask a question in PTC.

  1. Please send an image, AS AN ATTACHMENT, not drag and dropped, of a chart with notations on the chart pointing to the specifics, as seen in this example.  Sample Question
  2. Please keep each email to a maximum of 2 questions. For more than 2 questions, send a separate email. I typically do not have time to cover more than 2 questions in detail. By sending a separate email it helps me stay modestly organized.
  3. If you send a written email, please do not use a lot of dates and price levels – Please use a chart with notations so all members can see the details of the question.
  4. If you have a personal question, I’m happy to cover it privately starting with email.
  5. Please do not send mobile phone screenshots. Go to your PC, take a screenshot and submit the question with notations on the chart.

Thank you and We look forward to continued development.