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Liquidity Pro is Chris Highton – who is now a professional trader trained by Chris Lori.
The Pro Traders Club Section is content by Chris Lori

Given that we have 2 Chris’, some are confuse about which service they are registering for.
Chris Lori’s Pro Traders Club is $99 p/m and you can add Chris Highton’s Liquidity Pro for $10p/m.

Commitment of Traders Report – COT

Welcome to the COT section.


Proceed in the following manner to fully utilize the COT Weekly Updates.
1. Go through the COT tutorials in section 2.
2. Pull up the latest weekly COT Snapshot updates and use the tutorials as your reference so you can see where the smart money is flowing.
3. Check in for the latest video posts.


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PTC Full Archive

This offering contains every video produced for Pro Traders Club dating back 5 years rolling!

Put an end to chasing systems and burning through accounts. Invest in learning how to trade, properly.

The Best of Pro Traders Club

Welcome to “The Best of Pro Traders Club”

The modules contain prime teaching extracts from Pro Traders Club sessions.

We have separated the lessons into the category that best suits.

Chris Lori’s PTC Market Review and Training

Questions to PTC are one of the best resources to engage in highly comprehensive dialog on market structure, price, psychology and much more.

How to ask a question in PTC.

  1. Please send an image, AS AN ATTACHMENT, not drag and dropped, of a chart with notations on the chart pointing to the specifics, as seen in this example.  Sample Question
  2. Please keep each email to a maximum of 2 questions. For more than 2 questions, send a separate email. I typically do not have time to cover more than 2 questions in detail. By sending a separate email it helps me stay modestly organized.
  3. If you send a written email, please do not use a lot of dates and price levels – Please use a chart with notations so all members can see the details of the question.
  4. If you have a personal question, I’m happy to cover it privately starting with email.
  5. Please do not send mobile phone screenshots. Go to your PC, take a screenshot and submit the question with notations on the chart.

Thank you and We look forward to continued development.


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Risk Disclaimer and Disclosure Statement

The risk of trading commodity futures and options is substantial. The high degree of leverage associated with commodity futures and options can work against you as well as for you. This high degree of leverage can result in substantial losses, as well as gains. You should carefully consider whether commodity futures and options are suitable for you in light of your financial condition. If you are unsure you should seek professional advice.
Past performance does not guarantee future success. In some cases managed accounts are charged substantial commissions and advisory fees. Those accounts subject to these charges may need to make substantial trading profits just to avoid depletion of their assets. Each commodity trading advisor (“CTA”) is required by the commodity futures trading commission (“CFTC”) to issue to prospective clients a risk disclosure document outlining these fees, conflicts of interest and other associated risks. These risk disclosure documents are readily available upon request. The full risk of commodity futures and options trading cannot be addressed in this risk disclosure statement. No consideration to invest should be made without thoroughly reading the disclosure document of each of the CTAs in which you may have an interest. Requesting a disclosure document places you under no obligation and each document is provided at no cost. The CFTC has not passed upon the merits of participating in any of the following programs nor on the adequacy or accuracy of the disclosure documents. Other disclosure statements are required to be provided to you before an account may be opened for you. In making an investment decision, prospective clients must also rely on their own examination of the person or entity making the trading decisions and the terms of the advisory agreement including the merits and risks involved.


Psychology and Risk

Psychology and Risk
Guidance for your path to success.

Global Fundamentals

Basic course on FX Fundamentals and institutional research analysis.

We plan to update this course throughout the year (2020)

Trading the AUD/JPY

Welcome to the AUDJPY Course

This course was developed in 2011 (updated 2020) after I spent several pre and post 2008 crisis years focusing intensely on the AUDJPY pair and working with niche clients.

The fundamental environment was quite different at the time, thus the explanations on rate spreads currently do not apply to this pair. The content on rate spreads remains in the material, because the affect of rate spreads and the inter-institutional flows still applies. I will provide new updates on the current trading environment.

The price behavior of the AUDJPY pair maintains the same patterns as it did 20 years ago. The only real change is that volatility has contracted quite favorably from a risk perspective.

Important Note:

If you purchased this course as a subscription with PTC, it is very highly recommended that you go through as much PTC content as you can. Start by going through the archives marked with an asterisk* as well as the supplementary videos. The value of the content in PTC is immeasurable and will help you with your AJ studies.

Price Action Course

Chris Lori’s Price Action Course

The material in the Price Action Course will completely change how you see charts.

Proceed through the content in sequence,  starting at the beginning.

We will continue to add a limited number of interactive trading cuts and application of the tools from Pro Traders Club videos.

You may find it very worthwhile purchasing “The Best of Pro Traders Club” or become a member.

Note: You will hear reference made to a manual. The Price Action Course was originally made for attendees of the live workshop at which attendees received a 350 page manual. The manual is no longer available.