January 2022 PTC

Jan 22, 2022*

Considerations for the market sell-off
Short term reversal to start the week?

Jan 19, 2022*

S&P Cyclical Patterns and warning
AUD Characteristics of a Price Swing
What to look for in Risk On/Off in the days to come.

Jan 17, 2022*

DXY Analysis
*Efficient vs Inefficient and its relevance.
*Liquidity depth and presence during busy hours vs low liquidity state times.

Jan 12, 2022*

What message are equities sending?
The psychology of BTC movement.
9m30: The trading performance and market environment relationship continuum.

Jan 10, 2022*

Live GBP short term trade.
Get to know what is driving risk on/off flows
Trading Psychology short timeframes vs long timeframes.

Jan 7, 2022

NFP day

Jan 6, 2022

Why equities and crypto corrected.
Medium term trades and trade prospects.

Lesson: Refining entries and exits – it’s a fight for every pip.

Jan 4, 2022

How to start the new year.
New Year fundamental overview and things to consider.
USD, Equities and JPY disposition.
Thoughts on Intra-day trading approach to start the year.
This time start the year with a good equity management approach for real.