Crypto Updates 2021

Dec 9, 21, 2021

Technical review of a continuation in the Crypto sell off.
Looking for lower levels.

Dec 3/4, 21, 2021

Take-aways from a big sell-off in Crypto.
There were warnings.
Price relationships and volatility.
Psychology and Equity Management
What’s next for recovery.

Nov 1, 21, 2021

Not Investment Advice. Do not take on leverage.
Technical teachings on risks in price accumulation phase.
Trading vs holding.
Review of some of my positions. These positions are always changing/adding/eliminating in size and asset while holding core positions. What you see today may change materially tomorrow.

Oct 22, 21, 2021

Next bull run letting loose.
Keep an eye on SOL RUNE LUNA and more.
Important details about accumulation and how this plays out for this run.

Aug 9, 21, 2021

Volume and volatility are starting to surge across the crypto market. Most assets are hitting modest resistance and may pause before continuation.
BTC, ETH, ADA, LTC, XRP, others.

May 10, 21, 2021

Will Crypto assets fall with equities?
Sell-offs are an opportunity to build long term positions.

May 5, 21, 2021

Crypto Starter – Going through charts.
Simple analysis of some assets I’m looking at and trading.