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    Pro Traders Club is a service that aims to develop traders into independent thinkers and successful traders.

Pro Traders Club Offers

Available until Sep 15th, 2020

6-Months Pro Traders Club

Only $499!

6-Months PTC Includes:

  1. 6-Months Pro Traders Club
  2. 5 Years of Pro Traders Club Searchable Archives
  3. AUDJPY Course
  4. FX Fundamentals Course
  5. Psychology and Risk of Institutional Traders Course

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Price Action Course

$999! (Reg.1299)

Includes Bonus:

  1. 2 Months Access to Best of Pro Traders Club 180 Videos (reg $599 to purchase)
  2. 2 Months of Pro Traders Club Market Review, Q&A, live sessions, more. (reg $99 p/m)

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This offer includes continued ownership online access to the Price Action Course content.
The bonus products, 2 months access to Best of PTC and PTC can be activated at a later date with the start date being the same.

12 Month FX Elite Program

Only $1099

(Recommended Best Overall Value)

The FX Elite Program Includes:

  1. Price Action Course – 110 Videos!
  2. 180 Pro Traders Club All Time Best Teaching Sessions (more to be added)!
  3. 5 Years of Pro Traders Club Archives
  4. AUDJPY Course
  5. FX Fundamentals Course
  6. Psychology and Risk of Institutional Traders Course

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This offer is a 12 Month subscription access to all the products listed in the program.This offer is recommended

What Pro Traders Club Members have to say…

Hey Chris, I just wanted to chime in and say that although I’ve only interacted with your content for a month, I’ve probably learned more about trading and price behavior in this short span than I have since I started. I have watched every ‘support series’ video and every archive video marked with an asterisk for 2020 and 2019. I took your advice seriously and have done around ~600 exercise and 11 live trades based on the principles you teach and a combination of my own nuance since. Your philosophy and teachings  have helped me get over a hurdle I never thought I’d be able to cross.

Thank you again for providing this service.

Kind regards

As far as PTC goes, it’s been an absolute blessing. Unrivaled, unmatched, the best information on the market hands down. It’s amazing because the concepts are so simple yet have an infinite depth. I learn something from every video and I think my biggest issue is moving on to other videos. Usually, I end up watching the same videos over and over. I recently moved on to a video from earlier in March that I missed, and I was amazed that there were still new concepts to learn and put to practice.

Thank you for the new website. Now that we can mark previously viewed videos as complete, it gives me an incentive to move on to the next one. I’m going to work on keeping a max two views per video until I finish the videos from the past year.

Awesome! Will definitely do. I really love your videos and the way you teach. I feel blessed that I found PTC. I spent hundreds of hours on just finding the right mentor to learn from, listening to podcasts, interviews etc.. I can truthfully say that you have the most sophisticated and methodical content out there. And you are a great mentor!
Probably, you heard this a thousand times but I wanted to say it too.