Common Reversal Patterns Overview

Trading price action goes a lot deeper than a common trading pattern. This course is a stepping stone for beginners to get a feel for pattern trading, before getting into the deeper price behaviors discussed in Pro Traders Club. The core trading models discussed in Pro Traders Club are driven purely from price action rooted in the delivery of price quoting and interbank dealing environment. This course simply covers the common, well known trading patterns in high detail.

To trade patterns successfully, you need to see beyond the pattern and into the anatomy of the price move, which is why we now include this course with Pro Traders Club membership. The more we've studied price delivery, inefficiencies and detailed anatomy of price moves, we have drifted away from common patterns, but they are a good start to seeing market behavior before taking on the higher level concepts.

Each pattern is illustrated and clearly explained in the following steps:

1. Theory of the patterns
2. Examples of each pattern
3. Simulated walk thru’s of each pattern.
Available only with Pro Traders Club 4 month subscription available here.