Inside the Banks Overview

Inside the Banks is a fundamentals course that focuses on understanding Central Bank policy asa key driver of long term FX moves. The course breaks down market moving data points and their influence short term moves, as well as policy decisions. The course discusses interest rate spreads as a factor in long term FX rates and looks into other asset classes and their correlations to FX movements.

This course is strongly recommended to gain a good understanding of the fundamental landscape for the FX market.

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You will learn:

1. How the Banks, CTA’s and Fund Managers interpret the Global Fundamental factors influencing currency movements.

2. Get a walk through of an insider research report from major global banks. See first hand the key factors driving their buying and selling decisions.

3. Learn to read bank research reports, morning advisor, session round-ups, bank traders technical approach and more…

4. What fundamental factors and economic indicators have the greatest impact on price and trends of the Forex.

5. How to pick up on global economic shifts and directional changes early.

6. Bank Dealing vs. Bank Trading and how you can see what the dealers are doing on price charts.

7. What fundamental factors will drive the biggest trade this year.

8. Learn about Chris’ favorite currency pair and how he trades it and
much more..

By the end of the webinar, you will have all the information to make right choices for your trading business. You will possess knowledge and strategies very few retail traders will know about.

Online Version - Instant Access!

Only $199.00
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