Pro Traders Club is a service that aims to develop traders into independent thinkers and successful traders. Your host, Chris Lori, has been trading foreign exchange professionally for 18 years. Chris was NFA registered as a CTA for 10 years. While he now trades privately for a handful of clients, Chris shares his experience, from trading through leading investment banks, which is clear in his unique understanding and explanation of price relationships, volatility and market structure.

Chris’ price action models blend a core understanding of price delivery and market psychology. Chris also shares his position trades and structures with members. The position trading model integrates both, a price and fundamental framework. While Chris shows and teaches you exactly how he trades, a major focus of Pro Traders Club is to help you become an independent thinker by marrying your unique psychological profile to a thorough understanding of market structure and building a trading model that is your own. This is the only process to success.

Previously, Chris competed in four Olympic Winter Games and won the prestigious Overall World Cup Championship in the sport of bobsleigh. Chris totaled nine Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup final standings and accumulated twenty-two World Cup Medals during an outstanding Olympic and World Cup bobsledding career more