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Pro Traders Club subscription includes the following:

  • 4 months access to Pro Traders Club and all Online Courses (*AUD/JPY DVD Course not included)
  • FX Foundations Course - 35hours
  • Inside the Banks - Fundamentals Course
  • Trade Entry and Position Management Course
  • Deep Fib Zones
  • Reversals
  • Psychology and Risk
  • Optional $99 per month loyalty member recurring subscription after 4 months.
Pre-recorded Online streaming Video
None (although completion of the Pro Trader Complete FX is highly recommended)
Released two to three times per week / average of 30 minutes per video

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* Does not include AUD/JPY DVD Course
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Pre-recorded Online streaming Video
None (although completion of the Pro Trader Complete FX is highly recommended)
Released two to three times per week / average of 30 minutes per video
$ 159.00 per month (automatic monthly recurring subscription)

Pro Traders Club Market Review Overview

The Pro Traders Club Market Review is your opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the FX market from a legitimate institutional professional FX fund manager. The service provides traders with an institutional understanding of key fundamental, technical and psychological elements of trading the foreign exchange market. It is not a trade recommendation or alert service, rather we distinguish ourselves on providing traders with long term development for sustainable success.

We can claim, with confidence, that we are distinguished in the quality of our training. The FX world is a small community and we have an internal understanding of the institutional FX marketplace. We have experience with, and are connected to, the institutional dealing environment and know many major players in the industry. It is known that Chris Lori's institutional experience makes him one of the highest qualified educators in the retail space against many who claim to be "professionals." Chris' expertise is made clear by the quality of his teachings.

The goals of the Market Review will:

- Help you build your understanding of the market fundamentals and price relationships.
- Reinforce the application of technical tools for both long term position trading and short term intraday trading
- Guide you to building a trading model custom to your unique psychological profile


The Pro Traders Club Market Review is offered to help you develop as a trader for long term sustainable success. For the trader to become an independent thinker by going through a proper process of development and internalizing the deep elements of market structure, price action and fundamental drivers. You must commit to the process of development, or you will fail.

Pro Traders Club Market Review video releases contain the following elements to guide you in achieving your goal.

Fundamentally, Chris discusses the present economic conditions and major fundamental factors that are driving currency volatility and trends. Why and how micro and macro price drivers, interest rates, rate spreads and other fundamental factors are driving currency movements. Laying out the fundamental to price relationships can guide short, medium and long term trades and trade management. As well, Chris shares his own position trades and trade management, although it is not a trade call service.

For Day Trading, Chris is the master of price action technical analysis, the root of his short term trading model. His teachings are authentic and revolutionary. A testimony to this is reflected in the success of his students, along with the many "teachers" in retail FX who have emerged from Chris' guidance. Chris' offers a depth of understanding of price action that simply cannot be duplicated. His institutional experience, precision and concise teaching is unparalleled as he shares higher level concepts of price behavior and trading model formulation.

Chris also takes time in the recorded sessions to answer any questions the members will have. He responds to questions noted on a chart pertaining to the question. Long emails drawn out emails are ineffective.

The service offers:

  • An average of 3X weekly recorded sessions, depending on Chris' schedule.
  • One or two live sessions per month
  • Chat room to interact with other members of Pro Traders Club
  • Question Submissions
  • Reviews on technical, fundamental, psychology, risk management, Live trading scenarios and more
  • 300+ hours (5 years) of archived in-depth teachings
  • Video Archive search tool
  • Live sessions
  • Recorded Live Trades

A goal of Pro Traders Club is to lead the trader through the essential phases of development and acquiring a deep understanding of the market and core elements. The price based intraday approach being the foundation to building your own profoundly internalized trading model.

Chris will lead you through the elements of creating a development plan, exercises, and how to start building your own model. You will not achieve sustainable success until you become an independent thinker built on your own development. If you are seeking to copy someone else's trading model, you will fail.

While there are many full time traders who have evolved from Chris' program, his teaching relates to traders at all levels. Get started NOW!

Q: What is the difference between Pro Traders Club and the FX Foundations Course?

A: The FX Foundations Course is simply a foundation course for beginner to intermediate traders. The Pro Traders Club shares the in-depth higher level concepts not shared in any online courses. There is no comparison. The Pro Traders Club is a completely different spectrum.

Q: What if I just want to subscribe to the Pro Traders Club, can I do that?

A: Yes you can. You can just subscribe to the Pro Traders Club market review service on a month to month basis via the link below.

Month to Month at $ 159.00 per month